What is Your Why?

No matter what you do, there is a reason, there is a WHY?  Some people have greatly varying reasons for doing the same tasks and some people have the same reasons for vastly different tasks.

I have 4 reasons "why" for every single task I ever do.  I am sometimes completely obsessed with my reasons why and sometimes I question how my intellectual, adult-self made the decision to create these reasons why.

They are Bryce, Olive, Levi and Ruby.

When the idea of Meyer's Market began, Baby Ruby was only about 4 months old.  I ran the idea past my husband and he said "What a great idea for when she starts Kindergarten."  By the time she was 11 months old, we had purchased an 1800's building, fully gutted it, remodeled it and had our grand opening. They were troopers the ENTIRE TIME. 

What I love most about this journey is that my children get to be with me all the time.  The hardest part about this journey, is that my children are with me all the time. They are the BEST free marketing tools and also the best at destroying profits in products.  They love to give me kisses and they also love to prevent me from obtaining any achievable goals.  It's amazing how blessed they each are with the ability to multitask in such extreme areas of life!

Want to see some serious Ruby damage? (She's too cute to ever get in real trouble!)


But seriously, THESE ARE THE DAYS.  The days where I am so happy they are with me.  They days I cry because they don't ever go away.  The days where I cannot wait for my husband to get off work! 

I am so thankful for Meyer's Market and that it allows me to hang with the crew more than any job would have ever allowed.  I mean, look at them!

So, what are your reasons WHY?  What gets you through the day?  Or let's be realistic....what gets you through most of the day?  I would love to hear your WHY's!


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