Why are Gift Baskets More Fun?

It seems so silly. 

You take the same exact items. Grab some crinkle kraft paper.  Maybe some of that SUPER annoying cellophane wrap.  An adorable basket  or cookie jar AND Voila!  Your super bland gift in a bag is now that DARLING gift basket!

Why does that combination make a gift feel so much more thoughtful?  So much more meaningful?

I LOVE putting together gift baskets.  I know my skill level is sub-par to some gift stores out there.  However, the thought process of putting together items that go together is one of my favorite things!

Do you love giving gift baskets?  Do you love getting them?

Don't forget to stop in Meyer's Market next time you are in town and grab one for your favorite someone! 

And it never hurts when you have a super cute helper!!






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