Meyer's Meals

Welcome to Meyer's Meals!

What is a boxed-meal service, exactly?
This convenient service is provided to make your busy lives easier by taking the guesswork out of planning and preparing dinner.  Meyer’s Meals will provide simple, delicious recipes with step-by-step, easy to follow instructions, boxed together with all the ingredients necessary for you to prepare these dishes at home!  Let Meyer’s Meals help you STOP spending precious minutes worrying about what to cook and START taking some time for yourself. You know that you deserve it!


How does Meyer Meals work? 

Place your order at any time, for as many meals as you would like.  We will begin prepping your meal as soon as we receive your order!  We will have your meal ready for pick up at Meyer's Meals in 48 hours OR LESS!  Once your meals are ready, we will contact you to let you know!

What is included?

Each meal kit includes all the ingredients needed to prepare the meal except salt, pepper and oil.  We also include a recipe and list of required equipment.

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