How It Works!

Welcome to Meyer’s Meals!

A boxed-meal service provided by your local Meyer’s Market.

What is a boxed-meal service, exactly?

This convenient service is provided to make your busy lives easier by taking the guesswork out of planning and preparing dinner.  Meyer’s Meals will provide simple, delicious recipes with step-by-step, easy to follow instructions, boxed together with all the ingredients necessary for you to prepare these dishes at home!  Let Meyer’s Meals help you STOP spending precious minutes worrying about what to cook and START taking some time for yourself. You know that you deserve it!

I’m totally down for making my life easier does this work?

Each Monday, you will receive an email with a link to the Meyer's Meals page on the Meyer's Market website with 4 different meal options.  You choose whether you want to order 1, 2, 3 or ALL of the meals. The page will have everything you need to know about the meals including a photo and description of ingredients, servings and prep/cook times. We know that a lot of you have special dietary requests or restrictions so many of the meals will have options for you to select from to satisfy those needs.

Awesome!  I’ve picked my meals, what next?

Once you select the meals you want, you securely pay through the website via any major credit or debit card.  You can also pop into Meyer's Market to place your order and pay, if you prefer to do so. All orders and payments will be due on Mondays by 7pm, 1 WEEK prior to the pick-up date.

After you’ve paid, you’re all set!  Your meals will be available for pick-up at Meyer’s Market on the designated pick-up date, which will always be a Monday.  Come by at your convenience between 10am - 7pm.

Meyer’s Market is now offering a variety of wines for the perfect finishing touch to your meals, be sure to check out our selection when you visit.  

This must cost a fortune, right??

Wrong!  We are committed to providing satisfying, delicious meals at reasonable prices.  Each meal will vary in price based on ingredients used, but you can expect to see average prices of $15 - $25 per 4 serving meal (some meals even have 6 or 8 servings at the same price).  That’s as low as $1.88 a person!

Please let us know if you have any questions.

The Meyer’s Meals Team,

Lauren and Kristy

Connect with us:

Facebook: @Meyers Meals

Instagram: @Meyers.Meals



What if I don’t want any of the meals?

Not a problem.  Just don’t place an order that week!

When are menus posted?

We post menus two weeks in advance, on Mondays.  

When are orders and payments due for my meals?

Online orders and orders placed in person at Meyer’s Market are due by the Monday before the pick-up date (the following Monday).

Why are orders due one whole week before my pickup date?

We need one week to make ingredient orders, shop and prepare all ingredients for your orders to fully ensure accuracy.

Do you keep my payment information on file?

No way, Jose’!  You pay each week the way that you want.  No credit card information is saved or on file.

I have a family of 7, but the meal box contains 4 servings.  What can I do?

Simple, order 2 of those meals and you’ll have one serving left-over for tomorrow’s lunch.

Are all of the ingredients for the recipe included in my order?

The 3 pantry staples of salt, pepper and olive oil aren't included, but ALL other ingredients are.

Do the boxes include cooking utensils, bakeware or pots and pans necessary to prepare the meals?

No they don’t.  You will need to use your own basic cookware and utensils to prepare your meals.  If a recipe requires a specific appliance or tool for preparation, it will be listed clearly on the order form.  For example, a crockpot or a veggie spiralizer. No surprises!

Can I have my meal box delivered to my home?

Not yet! But we will keep that option open to discussion in the future.

What if my family doesn’t like the recipe, can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds if you do not like a recipe.  We will always list key ingredients on the order form so if you see something that your family probably won’t enjoy, you will know not to order that recipe.  All recipes that we list will be tried AND approved by our own families before we offer them to you.